Circus Kathmandu

Nepal’s first contemporary circus


Founded in 2010, Circus Kathmandu is Nepal’s first and most talent-rich contemporary circus company and one of the nation’s most unique social enterprises. Having performed for audiences around the globe, we provide a distinct fusion of all-human circus, theatre, dance and cutting edge art forms to create an exciting and modern form of entertainment for all ages.

The arts are increasingly seen as a vital player in social change movements, by appealing to the imagination and helping people to envision a different world: a different version of themselves or their communities. Our outreach project, Sapana, harnesses the magic of circus and the power of story-telling to uniquely connect with community audiences.

We work with NGO’s as advocates and workshop leaders to facilitate discussion on various social issues within communities. We know our unique form of engagement grabs people’s attention and supports thinking about social change in a different, solution-focused way. We work at grassroots level with people who can make change happen – the same people who are most adversely affected by issues such as trafficking, women’s health and equality, who stand to gain the most by change – the targeted families and communities themselves.

Circus Kathmandu is inviting NGO’s / INGO’s with a vision to connect and communicate with communities about social change to get in contact.



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